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Voyage à New York

Du 12 au 18 octobre, 29 élèves de premières et terminales se sont envolés pour New York, accompagnés de Mmes Langlois et Côte.

Premier témoignage de BENCHILI Myriam, ROSNER Léa, PERRET Josefa, SAVEY Margaux, TIMSIT Eve, Barbara GRILLET :

"Our best memories in NYC was the view at the top of the empire state building. It was so beautiful. We went for the sunset, and the beauty of the sunset made it more special and more wonderful. The panorama offers a view of the entire big apple, it means that we had the chance to see NYC from Manhattan to Harlem. This trip was memorable !!"

Vue de l’Empire State Building

Témoignage de Nicolas Perez, Basile Segaud et Octave Paviet :

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Témoignage de Laura, Valentine, Delphine, Marie-Caroline, Chloé, Marian et Anastasia :

Times Square is a place where you can find lots of shops, it is also a magnificent place especially in the evening when all the electronic billboards are lit up.

We met lots of interesting people. In Times Square, some people like to disguise themselves to attract tourists while others put on a show.

Time Square is exactly what we thought of New York : Big and incredible. It is the perfect example of “the city that never sleeps”.

Témoignage de Sabrina, Alexia, Ines, Clara, Marion, Philippine et Sarah : We stayed in New York for five days at the Chelsea Star Hotel, where we were seven girls to share the same room in Manhattan. We got to visit many places such as the Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, the Guggenheim Museum, the University of Colombia, the World Trade Memorial... even the Statue of Liberty, as seen on the picture we took in Liberty Island. It was a very enriching trip. It gave us the opportunity to discover together a bit of the american culture and its history, the incredibly high buildings and skyscrapers and the oversized food. We enjoyed the atmosphere of the city as well. Going to New York was such a good experience for all of us that we would have wanted the journey to last longer."